Sums up what we do

I worked with a very talented and super busy man a couple of weeks ago called Sam Maynard.  I can’t say too much about what we did during the day as our work is confidential, but, it was one of the most rewarding days I’ve had in a long time.  Then I read Sams thoughts on the day, and I was taken aback by his kind words and the way he described what we did.  Here’s a little excerpt:

As arranged, at precisely 9:30am on Wednesday morning there was a knock on our front door. I greeted the trendily dressed and well groomed Curtis. He carried a small, neat leather school bag. It contained an iPad, and some very thin brown books. In the books were measured words on productivity, beautifully printed by his partner on an antique letterpress. Everything about Curtis looked planned but he appeared to be friendly too. First, he listened to me for possibly longer than he would have liked. At 10:45am he politely suggested it was time to get things done. Over the rest of the day, (with an hour off for lunch) he helped me collect, sort and build a system to deal with the deluge of paper and email that floods our lives.

Not sure about being trendily dressed and well groomed, not even sure if I shaved that day.  But, thanks Sam, this kind of thing is always appreciated.