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  • People Who Do is a Future Work Agency

    We research, design and implement ways to make the future of work purposeful and meaningful for people, ideas, places and business.

  • Help me organise

    Getting organised makes work purposeful and meaningful. Set yourself, your teams and your organisation up appropriately and good work happens, productivity soars, stress and anxiety are diminished and engagement is high. Common challenges I am…

  • Help me engage

    Organisations are complex entities. They form self reinforcing patterns that dictate the way people do things but are often disconnected with a common purpose. When the resulting behaviours are unhelpful, people lose trust, they retreat,…

  • Help me think

    Good thinking is necessary for innovation. Successful innovation leads to growth. But it does not happen on its own. It requires sound strategy, helpful processes, the right skills and a creative culture. Get it right…

  • Experiments lab

    We like to try things out, do things we are familiar with differently, collaborate with others to get their thoughts. We want to make our work better. So we run experiments. Sometimes we end up…